BPH = Big Painful Headache

BPH stands for benign prostatic hyperplasia. It's really just an "enlarged prostate" - and I say "BPH" could also stand for "Big Painful Headache" because that's what it is. I was diagnosed with BPH back in the summer of 2012. At first the thought of it completely creeped me out: My precious pee tube being slowly pinched off by a slowly-growing organ... well, that gave me the heeby-geebies.

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My initial symptoms of BPH

It was August 2012 and I started noticing my “stream” was becoming more of an advanced dribble, and this was accompanied by a burning sensation and the feeling of having to go, even if I just went. Not thinking “enlarged prostate” I was thinking maybe I had an infection of some sort.

So I headed to the doctor, hoping a few antibiotics would clear it all up.

Little did I know…

My doctor also thought it could be an infection – at first. Then he ran some tests which showed no infection at all. He repeated the test, and when that showed no infection, he referred me to a urologist.

This is kind of when denial started to set in, and I thought maybe his tests just didn’t pick up any infection.¬†But somewhere deep down, I think I knew what was coming.

The urologist promptly (and with an unnerving eagerness) “probed” for an answer. He said with a slight grin, “Well your prostate is a little enlarged, bigger than I’d expect from someone 10 years younger than you are now.”

I keep forgetting that someone 10 years younger than me is in his mid-30’s. How in the world did I hit my mid-40’s already?

He gave me the spiel about it being common and that there are all sorts of things that can be done about it.

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All of the medications he wanted to prescribe, however… well, they didn’t look very appealing to me when I read about the possible side effects. What’s the point of fixing BPH if I’m going to be dizzy and have no sex drive?

My Natural BPH Regimen

I took his prescription home, filled it – but never actually took it. I searched for some natural solutions, and found there are a dizzying array of choices out there. I figured some of them must work, right?

So after nearly a year of tinkering with different vitamins and herbs, I’ve found some relief with a daily regimen of saw palmetto, zinc, turmeric, and selenium. I take them twice a day in a protein shake. I also drink an inordinate amount of green tea every day.

Almost every day I make a big pitcher iced tea in one of those ice tea makers. I drink it slightly sweetened, with some peppermint tea added for flavor. It’s pretty good!

My symptoms seem to be pretty much in check, with some variance over time. Some months it feels like I have no issues at all, while others times it seems to get worse.

I’m still trying to fight off denial. I know there is a possibility it will get worse over time. Right now, I’m hoping that I can keep it at bay, and out-of-sight-out-of-mind for as long as possible.

I’m also sticking with the herbal solution for as long as possible.