Review of D-Frost Wonder: Pros and Cons

Today I'm taking a look at an As Seen on TV product called D-Frost Wonder, which supposedly allows you to quickly thaw food in minutes.

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About D-Frost Wonder

D-Frost Wonder is a defrosting plate which allegedly allows you to defrost “anything frozen in minutes.” Note to self: “minutes” can be anything from 2 minutes to a million minutes… It doesn’t require electricity, and merely requires you to place food on it, which will defrost faster than on other surfaces.

D-Frost Wonder is not a new product, although it hasn’t advertised for several years (see below).

What D-Frost Wonder Claims

The advertising for D-Frost Wonder shows food thawing more quickly on this product than on other surfaces. It doesn’t require electricity or heat, and prevents you from accidentally cooking your food. D-Frost Wonder is also dishwasher safe.

What is D-Frost Wonder?

D-Frost Wonder is an aluminum tray which will help food thaw more quickly. How much more quickly? This will vary by a number of variables, but I’ve found it to speed up the process by about 25% in general.

What D-Frost Wonder Cost?

The current website ( offer is $14.99 + $6.95 P&H for a total of $21.94. You can get a second one for another $4.95.

You can find D Frost Wonder in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond for about $15.

D-Frost Wonder Review: Pros and Cons

Although D-Frost Wonder is currently advertising in 2016, I knew I had recognized the design and the name. After a cursory YouTube search, I ran across this 1995 ad for D-Frost Wonder!

You’ll notice that the design has changed somewhat, but the claims are virtually unchanged over 20 years later. One feature they removed from the original was the reservoir to capture liquid, which is unfortunate, because that was a rather helpful design inclusion.

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Regarding pros and cons, D-Frost Wonder has a few of each. On the “pro” side, it does speed up the thawing process by about a quarter, depending on what is being thawed, room temperature, etc.

“Cons” for the product are that it doesn’t really thaw a frozen chicken breast or steak in a short amount of time as the advertising would have you believe. It may be faster than leaving it out on the counter, but not that much faster. I also found that it isn’t superior to thawing in a bowl of cold water.

Additionally, because this type of product has been around for at least two decades, you can easily find similar products online and in stores for under $10.

Take a look at the large number of defrosting plates – many of which look identical to D-Frost Wonder – on Amazon. They tend to run about $10-$23, and average about a 3.5 to 4 star review.

Video Review

See D Frost Wonder put to the test in my review below.


D-Frost Wonder is a defrosting plate which will speed up the defrosting of food somewhat, although the advertising hype seems a bit overblown.  There are numerous competing defrosting plates on the market, and there is no single compelling reason to choose D-Frost Wonder over the others. Should you get this particular product, you’ll probably find that it works… kind of.

Or you may want to stick with a bowl of cold water which works as well or better – and is one of three recommended ways to thaw meat by the USDA.

If you’re particularly cheap and impatient, you can achieve similar results with an aluminum cookie tray.

Have you used D-Frost Wonder or a similar product? Drop me a comment below and tell me what you think.

Updated January 2017