Dareway 12 Volt Scooter Reviews: Kids Segway Knockoff?

Dareway is a standing two-wheeled motor scooter that is comparable to a children's version of the Segway.  Today I offer my observations and review, updated for 2015.

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About Dareway

Made by Feber, a subsidiary of Italian toy company Famosa, Dareway is an upright powered scooter for kids that is analogous to the adult Segway. Dareway is motorized by an internal 12 volt battery, and features a bulky 2.5 foot platform which lends itself to the balance and stability of children. Acceleration, which peaks at 3.7 mph, is controlled by a foot pedal on the platform.

Dareway can be steered to the left or right by a pair of pushbutton handles on each side of the raised mechanized podium. Maintaining a grip on a single handle button will cause the Dareway to spin in a directional 360 degree motion, while pushing both handles simultaneously causes the Dareway to move in reverse.

The following are a few Dareway specifications listed on the Toy R Us website:

  • Dimensions in inches – 28.9 x 26.2 x 14.6
  • Weight – 39.4 pounds
  • Recommended age – children 5-10 years of age
  • Weight limit – 89 pounds

Included with the purchase of Dareway are a battery charger and gender specific decals which can be be used to customize the scooter’s appearance.  The life of the battery will be determined by the weight of the rider, slope, and the landscape on which the scooter is operated.

Kmart’s website notes that some assembly is required after purchasing Dareway.

Registered in March of 2014, the Dareway website can be accessed at either ridedareway.com or feber.com/dareway.

How much does the Dareway Cost?

According to the product website, Dareway is available at stores such as Toys R Us, Target, Meijer, Kmart, and from online vendors such as Amazon. Typical price seems to be ~$199.00, but the Kmart website is currently offering Dareway for $179.99 if ordered online and picked up in-store (shipping is listed as temporarily unavailable). The regular price is cited as $199.99.

Television Commercial

The television commercial below has been recently airing during children’s programming during the day.

Below is the transcript of the Dareway commercial:


Dareway, the awesome new way to ride!

You can spin ’em, chase ’em, ride ’em, race ’em!

Go forward and reverse, or spin at the touch of a button!

Customize your ride with these super cool decals included with your Dareway!

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The new way to ride!

Rechargeable Dareways, find out more at ridedareway.com!

Is Dareway Similar to Segway?

Dareway is not a new product, but its advertising campaign was new in 2014. Back in 2006, Engadget discussed the product and referred to the Dareway as a “Segway knock-off for kids.” Other than the general design, it appears that the two are actually not that similar upon closer inspection. Consider the following observational comparisons between the Dareway and Segway:

  • Cost of a Dareway is approximately $199 while the price of a Segway can range from $5000-$8000.
  • Segways have an elaborate technological system for stabilization. Although the bulkiness of the Dareway supports the balance, this is not a high-tech feature.
  • Weight capacity of the Dareway tops out at 89 pounds while the Segway can support weights up to 260 pounds.
  • The top speed of the Dareway is 3.7 mph while the top speed of the Segway is 12.7 mph.

Dareway Reviews

Reviews of Dareway appear to be strongly positive with the majority of consumers saying that the scooter is a fun product that works as advertised. The biggest complaints seem to be that Dareway is noisy and has a short battery life. Several reviewers claimed that assembly was difficult and time consuming. One reviewer claimed that one of the plastic gears broke after one day of usage.

Dareway Revolution

In 2015, the next-gen Dareway was unveiled with a renewed marketing campaign. That product is called Dareway Revolution and offers a number of upgraded features over the original Dareway. It would not be accurate to call Dareway Revolution a replacement for the original model, as both are currently featured in advertising and the official website. Read a full review of that product on Epic Reviews.

Google Trends

The Google Trends report below shows several surges in interest for the product, with the most recent surge likely fueled by advertising for the Dareway Revolution.

Bottom Line

Dareway is marketed as a sort of Segway for kids, although it doesn’t appear to be associated with Segway in any way. Despite weight limitations and a lack of stabilization, Dareway appears to be well-received by those who have purchased it. A next-gen Dareway called the Dareway Revolution was released in 2015.

Updated December 3, 2015
Originally published October 2014