Gaining Access to Your Old Myspace Profile

The "New" Myspace launched a few weeks ago and in doing so, they ejected everyone's old Myspace profile. I guess they figured no one would care if they burned their proverbial internet ghost town to the ground and started over. They apparently didn't account for those long-time users who still wanted to keep all that old stuff, even if they didn't check back regularly. Old Myspace blogs? Gone. Old Myspace correspondence? Toast. Old Myspace Photos? These you can get back - if you know how to get into your old account.

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Those users who passed away prior to the fall of Myspace had accounts that were later memorialized by loved ones – only to have these irreplaceable memories wiped out with the recent “relaunch” of the social network.

There is, at the very least, a way to get back your old photos. See here for instructions.

But what if you can’t get into your old account at all? Some people have been using the same login information for years, even using old email accounts that they no longer own, simply because it was easier to leave things as they were. And these people can’t even get into Myspace in order to get back those old pics.

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If you want to get into Myspace and can’t access your old email account there is a way to still get into your old Myspace account.

There is a rather obscure featured called the Myspace “Declaration of Ownership” which is a form you can fill out which allows you to claim your old profile, even if you can’t get into the old email address used to set it up or previously log in.

Check out┬áMyspace – Declaration of Ownership

Beware that they will ask for some personal info. You’ll also need to know your old user name, date of birth used, zip code used, name used, and city/state used when signing up for it.

I’ve been playing around with the New Myspace. It’s pretty nice, and boasts an absolutely massive music library. I just wonder if it’s too little, way too late.