Air Hogs Hyper Disc Reviews: Photos and Video

Today I offer my observations of the Hyper Disc by Air Hogs, an inflatable disk that can be thrown like a Frisbee.

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About Hyper Disc

Hyper Disc is an inflatable foil balloon in the shape of a flying saucer. It can be filled with helium or air, and is thrown in the same manner as a Frisbee. The package includes one Hyper Disc, an inflating straw, and instruction sheet. The disc measures three feet wide and it is made in China. There are at least four different designs, which are each sold separately. The website states that the product is appropriate for kids 5 and up, although the packaging for the disc I purchased stated it was for ages 3 and up.

The product website is, where other toys by this manufacturer can be found.


Although the official website lists Hyper Disc at $11.99, I’ve seen it in most stores for $9.99. I found it at a local Target on sale for $8.99. It is easily found at all major retailers which carry toys, such as Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.

Television Commercial

The TV ad below ran in limited airings as late as April 2015.


I picked up a Hyper Disc from an aisle display in a Target here in Las Vegas in April 2015. It was on sale for $8.99. Although this product is engaged in a new advertising campaign, it sports a familiar design used by other inflatable flying discs in years past.

With Hyper Disc, you can partially inflate it with helium, or simply use air by inserting an included straw and blowing it up. With helium, the toy will fly greater distances and introduce an angle of fun that filling it with air will not.

For my tests, I preferred to use air, as I’m sure that’s how the majority of users will play with the toy. I did find that when I first inflated it, I put too much air in. This made the sides warp. I had to re-insert the straw to let some of the air out. It “popped” back into its proper disc shape after about a minute of deflation.

Below is a set of pros and cons I noted while evaluating the toy.

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  • Assembly. There is none. I was surprised when opening the packaging that the disc sprung out of the box and into its final shape right before my eyes.
  • Entertainment. It’s fun to play with Hyper Disc, especially outside where you can throw it with greater force and distance.
  • Price/Availability. It’s only $10 and can be found in most stores. This can make a day playing with Hyper Disc less expensive than going to a movie or out to lunch.


  • Inflation. I have to put this in the “con” category. Most people will probably not go through the trouble of going to a store to get it inflated with helium. I found that inserting the straw was an awkward process. I had to shove it in the opening, and was afraid that I would tear the material in doing so. Eventually I did get the straw inserted and it took about 4 minutes to blow it up. I felt a bit light-headed afterward.
  • Durability. This is an assumed built-in con, but a con nonetheless. A foil balloon isn’t built to last. Enjoy the product while it lasts, because it will almost certainly pop eventually.
  • Flying straight. I found that no matter who was throwing the disc, nor how much spin was used, it tended to tilt as it flew. For example, if I threw it parallel to the floor, after about 8 feet, it would be flying perpendicular.


  • Outdoor play. The fine print of the instructions warns parents that Hyper Disc is best outdoors with air only. This is because it could fly away if filled with helium. The instructions also warn that it can be blown away in the wind when used outdoors.
  • Indoor play. Although Hyper Disc is made of soft foil, there is a harder ring around the perimeter. While this isn’t likely to cause damage to walls or appliances, it could knock over a lamp or vase.

Short-Term Fun

As hinted at above, I don’t believe that the manufacturer of Hyper Disc expects the product to be a long-term investment. It should hopefully provide several sessions of fun, which will depend on the care taken by the user, and a little luck. I’m reminded of a conversation I had with one of the manufacturers of Wubble Bubble Ball not long after it hit the market. His sentiment was that if such a toy could bring a few sessions of enjoyment, then it would probably provide more value than other expensive endeavors. Unfortunately, that mentality doesn’t satisfy consumers who purchase a toy and expect it to last.


The video below summarizes the information in this review, and provides footage of my tests of the product. You can see how Hyper Disc tends to turn sideways when thrown.

Bottom Line

Hyper Disc is a flying disc which can be inflated with air or helium. Its performance and durability are about as I expected. Other foil inflatable flying discs have been sold over the years, and this one is quite similar to those. As with foil balloons, you should take caution when playing with it, and realize that such a toy is not a long term investment – as it will certainly pop at some point.

That said, at $10, even a few days of enjoyment would make this toy a worthwhile short-term investment.

Your Hyper Disc Reviews

Have you or your kid played with Hyper Disc? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you thought!