Blocking on Snapchat When You Have Lots of Followers

Snapchat is the social media app draped in obscurity and vagueness. While Snapchat offers two ways to block another user, doing so is not as easy when you have many followers.

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Snapchat’s appeal is the temporary nature of the communication among its users, although the possibility of screen shots certainly exists. There are currently three types of messages that can be sent on Snapchat: Video, still photo, and text.  You can send messages to specific users, or post them publicly to your story.

In your settings, you can elect to only receive messages from those who you follow, or from everyone.

If you are someone who has thousands – or tens of thousands – of followers, you may want to accept snaps from everyone. Blocking certain people, however, may also require a step you don’t find very palatable.

Basic Blocking on Snapchat

Blocking someone on Snapchat can be done in one of two ways: Scrolling through the “Added Me” list, or via your friends list. If you do it via the “Added Me” screen, you simply scroll down until you find the offensive person, swipe left, and select block. For the average user with a few dozen followers, this is an easy method.

To block via your friends list, you scroll down the list of people you follow, tap on the person’s name, and select “Block.” This, too, is simple for the average user with a few dozen friends.

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But what if you want to accept snaps from everyone, but you have so many friends that the person you want to block no longer appears in the “Added Me” section? That’s where things get tricky.

Block With Lots of Followers

Unfortunately, the only way to block someone who no longer appears in the Added Me section is to actually add them as a friend, and then block them via your friends list.

It would be nice if Snapchat would incorporate a way to block via the messaging screen, but as of now, that’s the only way to do it.

Obviously, you’ll want to check the Added Me list for the person you want to block first – so you don’t have to add them as a friend. If you don’t want to manually check the Added Me list every time you wish to block someone, there is a way to “search” that list to see if a user still appears there.

Go to Add Friends and select “Add by username,” then start typing the person’s name you want to block. If they are still on the “Added Me” list, they’ll appear as a suggestion as someone who recently added you. You can then go to the Added Me list and find them there. If they don’t show up as a suggestion, you’ll have to add them as a friend and then immediately go to your friends list and block them.

Bottom Line

The only way to block someone on Snapchat is to do it via the “Added Me” list or by adding them as a friend and then blocking them.