Bye Bye Foundation Review: It Cosmetics (2016 Update)

Bye Bye Foundation by It Cosmetics is a full-coverage tinted moisturizer that is advertised on television infomercials.

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Bye Bye Foundation

Working as both a moisturizer and foundation, Bye Bye Foundation is a product which has been increasingly advertised in television infomercials throughout 2015.

Bye Bye Foundation Cost

There are two ways to buy Bye Bye Foundation: As a standalone product or in one of their advertised kits. By itself, Bye Bye Foundation costs about $65 for a 1 ounce tube. You can also get a smaller tube in one of the advertised kits which cost $40-$50. The kits also contain a variety of other products by the company.

Keep in mind that when you order a kit from the website, you are also signing up for a recurring auto-ship program. If you want to purchase just the foundation, you’ll find that over on

There are a number of It Cosmetics products that can be found locally at stores such as Ulta, as seen in the photo of a display at a Las Vegas Ulta.

bye bye display ulta

A display of It Works products at Ulta.

Bye Bye Foundation Review

The name of the product encourages women to say “bye bye” to foundation and opt instead for this tinted moisturizer. It provides the same benefits as foundation, with the added benefit of moisturizing skin and providing excellent SPF protection.

There are 4 shades to choose from, including fair, medium, tan, and rich.

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My wife recently tried Bye Bye Foundation, and the observations here are based on her experience.

Regarding the color selection, in our case we chose medium and found it to be an excellent fit for my wife’s skin tone. Some readers online have suggested that extreme light or dark skin types may not find an appropriate match. We did not find this to be the case.

The coverage was what impressed us the most about this product. It has a natural look and covers very well. A very light powdering at the end helped it last throughout the day. It doesn’t have a “cake” look, and the coverage areas were seamless.

The website suggests that proper coverage can be measured by the number of pumps: 1 pump being moderate coverage, 2 being full coverage, and 3 pumps being “ultimate coverage.” We found their example to be generally accurate, and tended to stick with 2-3 pumps.

Upon completion of our evaluation, the general feeling was that this was a superb product, but with a price tag that makes it an unrealistic choice for daily use for many women.

We opted to purchase the foundation by itself, and skipped the advertised kits. The other products included in the kits were not of much interest to us, and the size of the foundation in those is about half of what you’ll get when purchasing the standalone product. If you’re looking to try out all of the Bye Bye Foundation line of products, you may want to check out one of those kits. Keep in mind, however, that they come with an auto-ship plan, meaning you’ll be charged every month for a three-month supply.

You can also find a number of It Cosmetics products locally, and a helpful rep at one of these stores may be able to further help you narrow down your best choices.


Bye Bye Foundation is the best of both worlds, offering solid all-day coverage and deep moisturizing. The overall consensus online, as well as my wife’s experience, indicate that consumers generally like the product. Even the most ardent fans, however, aren’t so impressed by the price, which is quite high for a 1 ounce tube.

Updated January 8, 2016
Originally published September 2015