Color Doctor Review: Color Coded Blood Pressure Monitor

Color Doctor is a color-coded alert system that monitors blood pressure. Does it work? Read my preliminary Color Doctor review.

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Color Doctor Review

It’s somewhat surprising to see an As Seen on TV blood pressure monitor, but that is exactly what Color Doctor offers. With this device, you strap it onto your wrist in order to take a blood pressure reading.

Rather than trying to interpret the meaning of the blood pressure numbers, you are shown a color-coded screen. Green is normal blood pressure, yellow means you are in the “caution” zone, while red means your blood pressure is dangerously high. There is also a feature which can alert you in the case of an irregular heartbeat.

This type of device is an excellent idea for those who are concerned about their blood pressure, although these patients are usually keenly aware of what numbers are normal, borderline, and dangerous.

Product Details

  • Website:
  • Domain registration: 7/11/2016
  • Website Active as of 9/16/16
  • Internet ads as of 9/16/16
  • Television ads as of 9/16/16
  • Stores up to 90 readings, for two individuals
  • Readings are time/date stamped


Color Doctor costs $39.99 with free shipping. There is a double offer in which you can get two for $39.99+$19.99, or $59.98. I’m not sure why you’d want two, unless you are a married couple who wants to store multiple readings.

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Each Color Doctor comes with a travel case. It is not available in stores as of this writing.


You may be surprised to know that there are actually quite a few color-coded blood pressure monitors on the market. See a full list here.

Have you used Color Doctor? Drop a comment below and tell me what you think.

Note: This is a preliminary review, as I am still compiling information and consumer feedback. When more information is obtained, a full review will appear elsewhere online.