The Franklin Prosperity Report: Advertising Analysis and Review

Today I'm taking a look at The Franklin Prosperity Report, advertised on the radio in recent months as ""

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Disclaimer: I have not subscribed to The Franklin Prosperity Report. The information below is culled from the website, advertising, and public information.

About The Franklin Prosperity Report

The website advertised for The Franklin Prosperity Report – – forwards a page at The report is advertised to provide ways “you can claim thousands of dollars in government-giveaway programs.”


The report, along with 8 bonus reports, is said to be yours for a processing fee of $1.97. This report, however, is for a trial subscription with “convenient automatic renewal.” The renewal rates are:

  • $47.95 for a year of The Franklin Prosperity Report
  • $97.95 for a year of The Dividend Machine

You will be automatically billed for these subscriptions after 30 days.

Radio Commercial

A radio commercial has been airing in recent months on such programs as Rush Limbaugh. The commercial discusses a “weird trick”  –  a common phrase used heavily by affiliate marketers back in 2009. This advertised “weird trick,” however, is never mentioned on the website. Below is a partial transcript of the radio commercial for The Franklin Prosperity Report, also known as

“…Retirees have received a mere 1.3% annual increase to their social security checks. Meanwhile, food stamp recipients have seen their payouts increase over 30% under the Obama administration. That’s shocking. So when we stumbled upon a weird trick that could add up to $1000 to your monthly social security checks, we knew we had to share it with you. To get started, simply to go Yes, it’s true. You can take simple steps that could add up to $1000 to your monthly social security payouts. News Max says is a critical resource for anyone over 50.  Go to now. That’s”

Multiple Websites

The commercial advertises, and does not mention The Franklin Prosperity Report by name. It also states that News Max describes it as a “critical resource.” What the commercial doesn’t point out, however, is that is registered to NewsMax Media, Inc.

Consider the following domains:

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All of these websites are registered to NewsMax Media, Inc., and are currently forwarded to the same Franklin Prosperity Report page on A television commercial has also been aired which uses the domain

Below is a screen shot of The Franklin Prosperity Report, aka, as seen in June 2014.



The Franklin Prosperity Report is not without its share of complaints. Most of the complaints I’ve seen relate to the shipping/ordering/billing process, more than the information in the newsletter itself. Consider:

  • Ripoff Report: 17 complaints as of this writing, virtually all of them tied to billing.
  • Scambook: 16 reports, almost exclusively about subscription and billing concerns.
  • Complaints Board: This rather lengthy thread from 2010 and 2011 contains complaints about difficulties being removed from mailing lists and unsubscribing from reports.

Bottom Line

The Franklin Prosperity Report, also advertised as, is a series of reports which are offered as a trial subscription, but cost just under $150 in all once the trial ends. There are numerous complaints online from unhappy customers who have not been pleased by the automatic subscription charges.

The radio advertising cites a “weird trick” which is never discussed on the website, and the ad also cites an endorsement of the product by News Max – which is the same company that registered

Your Turn

Have you seen The Franklin Prosperity Report? Tell me what you think of it in the comments below.