Kitty Fishin’ Review: Cat Toy Fishing Reel

Kitty Fishin' is a fishing reel that allows you to play with your pet. Does it work? Read my preliminary Kitty Fishin' review.

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Kitty Fishin’ Review

Kitty Fishin’ is a cat toy designed to resemble a fishing reel in which you cast a feathery lure for your cat to chase as you reel it in. It is launched with an air power pressure caster and then reeled in using a handle not unlike that of a regular fishing reel.

If your cat is the type to chase and play with cat toys, this could be a great idea. I’m thinking kids will have fun with it too, probably more fun than they would with a regular cat toy. It appears to be a knockoff of – or at least inspired by – another well-known cat fishing reel, discussed briefly below.

Kitty Fishin’ is a very new product, as evidenced by its June 2016 registration date. Based on my experience from the past 8+ years of reviewing products, I’m guessing that the initial round of orders might be slower to ship than some consumers like, as this is very common with very new products. This can also initially give the product a more negative consumer review than it will eventually receive once shipping delays are alleviated.

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This item is marketed by Allstar Products Group (aka Allstar Products Group), which has brought a number of As Seen on TV products to the airwaves. They currently hold an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Product Details

  • Website:
  • Domain registration: June 13, 2016
  • Website active as of last check on 9/16/16
  • Air powered lure launcher than can be reeled in.

Surprisingly, the domain “” is not used, although it is advertised with out the “g” in the name.


Kitty Fishin’ costs $19.99 plus $4.99 processing and handling. This comes to $24.98 for two rods.

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  • Cat Fishin’ appears to be the most popular, and likely the original, in this category. It costs a little over $40.

Have you used Kitty Fishin’? Drop a comment below and tell me what you think.

Note: This is only a preliminary review/preview, and I am still compiling information and consumer feedback. When more information is obtained, a full review will appear elsewhere online.