My Review and Experience with Serovital-hgh (Jan. 2015 Update)

My thoughts and experiences with the product known as Serovital-hgh.

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I remember hearing about Sylvester Stallone’s use of human growth hormone (HGH), and realized how dang good he still looked at nearly 70 years old. Although I’ve been reluctant to go the HGH route, I recently heard of a product that supposedly helps your body boost hgh, called Serovital-hgh.


Back in late 2013, it was hard not to browse the web without eventually seeing an ad for Serovital-hgh. Well, maybe it was just me, because I Google a lot of anti-aging stuff, and I know Google delivers ads based on search history. OK, so it was hard for ME to browse the internet without seeing ads for Serovital.

What is Serovital-hgh?

The website claims Serovital is a blend of amino acids which raises growth hormone in the body. However, it is not human growth hormone.

How much does Serovital-hgh Cost?

It is not cheap at about $100 for a month supply. Buy it somewhere local, such as Ulta. At least that way you can save yourself the $7 shipping they want to charge, plus the week or so it will take to arrive.

Another reason I suggest picking it up at Ulta is because the official website ( wants to automatically bill you every month to keep replenishing your supply.

The Catch

The website admits there are three “catches” to using the product:

  • You have to use it alongside a sensible diet and exercise regimen – That probably excludes half of the potential customers right there.
  • It has to be taken on an empty stomach – Easy enough.
  • It’s cheaper than HGH injections, but will still cost about $100 a month – Youthful vigor is apparently only for the rich.

One more “catch” they don’t really advertise is that you have to use it for about 2 months to even begin to notice any results.

Other Reviews

If you poke around the internet, you can find a wide array of reviews. Consider:

Ulta (283 Reviews)
At, a couple of hundred reviewers give it at 3 out of 5 stars, with a 62% recommendation level. (126 Reviews)
Sifting through the reader comments at, we find a slightly more negative tone. Readers seem to be split down the middle regarding effectiveness.

Supplement Critic (43 Reviews)
The community at offers a 1.8 star rating for Serovital, with a mostly negative view of it.

The Serovital website concludes with this “irresistible,” if not ridiculous, closing statement: “But there’s no denying that something that has a chance of making you look and feel decades, not years, but DECADES, younger, is… at the very least… irresistible. Frankly, I’m ready to try it. How about you?”

What’s in Serovital-hgh?

As it turns out, Serovital is a bunch of amino acids with a big price tag. Several of these are available at GNC for a fraction of the price.

  • L-Lysine HCI
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Oxo-Proline
  • N-Acrtyl L-Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Schizonepeta (aerial parts) powder

You may be interested in some additional observations regarding the science behind Serovital.

My Experience with Serovital-hgh

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So I decided to plunk down a C-Note for a month supply. I went through a local Sephora located inside a JC Penney here in Southern Nevada.

I wasn’t even sure at first what it was – a pill, a cream, something else? (It’s a pill) I can see a fancy cream making me look decades younger, but a pill?

Anyway, I tried Serovital-hgh for a month, following the instructions exactly as stated – taking it in the morning two hours before eating breakfast.

After a month… well, I can’t say I noticed much. Actually I noticed nothing at all. No side effects, and no benefits.

Better at Night?

A gym rat friend of mine said that it would probably work better taking it at night rather than in the morning, even though Serovital’s website says you can take it either time. I wonder if this is why it works for some people and not others?


I should point out that Serovital isn’t the only game in town when it comes to HGH boosters. Take a look at Fountain of Youth HGH Complete, which contains many of the ingredients of Serovital – and actually quite a few more. Its cost? $40.

Bottom Line

I decided not to offer up another Benjamin in hopes that Serovital-hgh would work for me in month #2. Even if I started to notice something – at what cost is it? $200 to start noticing something? I don’t think so. I may give one of those other HGH boosters a try at some point.

Updated January 20, 2015
Originally published November 2013

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  • Jazmin

    I was a little skeptical at first too but let me tell you, the results that I’m seeing now are FABULOUS! I was taking it in the morning and it was not working for me. I stopped taking it for 3 weeks and my friends continued, I started seeing the changes in them, so I started up again but only at night before I go to sleep. And the good thing about taking the product at night for me it help me not to eat after 7:30pm not even a snack. I am finding that I am able to sleep better I get tons of complements about my skin tone I am motivated to work out all the time, I havent lost a lot of weight but I have lean down a few sizes which is better than losing weight for me.

  • Mary Ann Bull

    Serovital worked great for me! More energy which made me get off my butt and start doing things. I lost weight plus had a better attitude which got me in the gym.
    I researched this product for weeks before taking. It contains ALL the amino acids and amino acids not used by the body pass thru the urine

  • Oregon Sunshine

    I am a 60-ish female and have been taking it since Sept 2013. I take it early in the morning and wait to eat anything more than the water used to consume the pills. I am a moderate eater. Most people would not think I need to lose weight but I want to lose 5 more llbs. My success with losing weight has been due to my discipline and not because of the supplement. However I did have thinning hair which has now reversed and is coming back – gray of course but I’ll take it. That’s the only benefit I will attribute to the supplement. I plan to finish what I have on hand and be done with it. If I stert to lose my hair again I may reconsider. The cost is high.

  • Debbie

    My question is does it improve your youth like it says and are there any side effects with medications, or hyperness

  • Timmy H

    What a bunch of fake posts, this company is all about hype marketing. There are a dozen other similar products that have been on the market for years. This is nothing new people. Just go by the stuff separate at the health food store.

    • Yadja

      I am not a fake. I posted the truth. But nothing is going to help someone who has taken medications regularly, not exercised, drinks heavily and smokes and abused their bodies by eating poorly, gotten really fat and flabby and spent no time on taking care of their skin. That kind of body takes a very long time and alot of work to bring back into homeostasis. Some may never get there again.

  • Mary Ann

    Saw this being touted as a “wonder supplement” on the Dr. Oz show. Not a big fan of Dr. Oz, but I thought I’d try it, especially to look DECADES younger. WELL, took it for a few months and by now I should be as young as an infant. DECADES younger NOT — not even a few years!!! Dr. Oz seems to plug a new WONDER PRODUCT with every show. Like I always thought “HE KNOWS A LITTLE ABOUT A LOT AND A LOT ABOUT NOTHING!!! Hope he’s supposedly a better surgeon.

  • Gabriela

    What I like to know if it’s o.k to drink coffee right after I’m taking the pills.i am taking this for one year and I feel great!I lost weight ,but i do exercise and watch what I eat as well.i lost weight before but never been able to lost fat on “some areas”.I have a lot of energy and I am very positive.

    • James White

      I haven’t seen anything that stated taking it with coffee is of any concern.

    • Becky

      It does say on the box noting to eat or drink 2 hours before and 2 hour after you take the pills

  • Yadja

    I started using this product 1 1/2 months ago. I am going to reorder. I have always taken care of my body, exercised, eaten right and always told I look 10 to 15 years younger than my biological age. This product is heaven sent. I have known about HGH for years and I have seen the results. I just could not afford it. But I also was weary of taking it. I much prefer this product because it is a precursor and I know the ingredients and trust the product.

    Now to my results. They are absolutely amazing. My hair is thicker and growing faster, my nails are stronger and growing faster, my energy level is up, my skin is tightening all over my body, my muscle mass is increasing, my fine lines and any wrinkles I have are shortening and becoming more plumped up. My appetite for protein has really increased.

    I am going to reorder today and I will continue to take this product. It is amazing but you have to follow instructions and if you have spent a lifetime of improper eating and not exercising then you will most likely not see the results I have. Even the coloration in my skin has improved and is glowing. I am a nurse for close to 30 years, an RN and I am so very thankful for this product.

    PSS I am over 50, don’t usually tell my exact age because people treat you differently when you do, but believe me I am over 50.

    • infadelicious

      i have heard of this too and i am checking it out. I do a lot of research on healthy living. What about this hcg diet i am hearing about? so many different versions of it. Scary thing is they do knock offs on line and people snap them up not worrying about the consequences.

      • Yadja

        What I said above is true and I trust this product. Dr. Oz indorsed it but I did my own research. HGH works, but it is only now that the average person can afford it. I like this because it is the components that get the HGH going again.

        I buy this product and what I said is true. It is kicking my metabolism and doing such great things for me in such a short time. For people who have spent a lifetime smoking, drinking, eating junk foods, laying out in the sun, not taken care of their skin, because it is a natural product it will take longer to work. But they should see some results in 6 months. It is these people and their ilk that give something like this a bad name, but if you are like me, my friend and you have taken care of your body, you will see results after 1.5 months. It is a miracle worker and I am just thrilled to use it.

        I get up at 5AM to take it so by the time I am ready for coffee it is doing it’s job. There are no consequences with this product. That is why I use it. All the ingredients are those we need for optimal functioning. I will be honest with you also. My mother was a herbalist and she beat cancer 30 years because she understood the workings of the body and the connection between body and mind. So I have always taken vitamins, herbs and in combinations that are anti-aging. Because I have always been athletic also and a dancer for years along with the modeling so I have a real ego when it comes to taking care of myself.

        I hope you give this product a try. It is a 3 month supply for 257 dollars. So I just get it renewed every 3 months. Now that seems like alot of money but the benefits are worth it to me and I save for it. I don’t have car payments or other bills so I can afford it. The number I used to order this product is 1-800-901-8583.

        HGH is a single chain peptide hormone that’s manufactured within the pituitary gland where it is released and travels into the bloodstream and travels then throughout the body. It passed into your fat cells and can actually cause them to shrink. It enter your muscle cell, stimulating lean muscle growth so you become more toned even though you don’t exercise. It activates collagen production and strengthens the substructure that makes your skin firm.

        Our body starts to decline in making our HGH in mid twenties. It just keeps going down. There are doctors for this and those against. Athletes and movie stars along with rich people have been getting the injections for years but I don’t like that, even though it works. This is better because it gives the body the amount of building material it needs to produce a higher level of HGH.

        One needs to give it 3 months at least for results, in my case with a clean body, never taken medications not even birth control pills, don’t smoke, ahhhh drink beer now and again, it has worked fast. I sound like an advertisement for the product but I have always shared information and products that work with people who ask me.

        Hope you like it, let me know if you decide to try it.

    • hgvarts

      Wary not weary