About those Ron Paul Commercials

You may have seen those Ron Paul commercials on television hinting at dire predictions from the former Congressman. Today I offer my opinion on these spots, and dig deeper who stands behind Ron Paul in the making of these ads.

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Ron Paul TV Commercials in 2015

Television spots featuring Ron Paul have been airing over the past few months in which he warns of a looming financial crisis. You are urged to visit a website and watch a video. In the commercial, Ron Paul states:

“I believe a major financial crisis greater than the one from 2008 is fast approaching… If I’m right, the way you live, work, travel, retire, and invest will change. Stocks and bonds will crash. The savings of millions could be wiped out.”

If that verbiage sounds familiar to you, it should. I wrote about a company airing nearly identical ads back in 2011. That company, Stansberry Research, also warned of an impending financial crash in 2011 – which didn’t happen, by the way.

It appears that in 2015 we have a re-hashing of those “End of America” commercials from Stansberry Research, who has now hired Ron Paul to be its spokesman. Compare Paul’s words above with the 2011 spot from Stansberry Research:

“A very wealthy U.S. citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will witness the most important day in America in more than 50 years. He says it will change everything about our lives, the way you shop, travel, invest, educate your children, and even how you take care of your health and own family.”

My 2011 Stansberry Articles

In 2011 I wrote two extensive articles about Stansberry Research video, which can be found in my original synopsis here, and my follow-up.

Ron Paul Video

In the 2015 video, we see Ron Paul being “interviewed” (although “reading cue cards” is perhaps a more appropriate description) as he predicts a stock market and financial crash (using a 2013 debt graph, by the way).

As with the 2011 video, you can’t fast forward the video, nor can you even tell how long the video is. Hint: It’s 54 minutes long.

In the end, the “interview” ends up being an infomercial for the 300-page book America 2020: The Survival Blueprint and newsletters by Stansberry Research, which are automatically renewed each year for $99.

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The bulk of what America 2020 promotes is precious metals and newsletters.

RonPaulMessage Websites

The spots featuring Ron Paul typically end with a number, which is different seemingly every time the video airs. I’ve seen:

  • RonPaulMessage5
  • RonPaulMessage6
  • RonPaulMessage15
  • RonPaulMessage17
  • RonPaulMessage28

These have aired on different cable channels in recent weeks. All of those domains are registered to Stansberry Research.

America 2020 Reviews

Consumer input is trickling in regarding the newest advertising campaign from Stansberry Research. This forum has a pretty good discussion of the book, while readers on Amazon (where it sells for about $200!) also engaged in a lively debate.

Ironically, nearly everything I wrote back in 2011 still applies to the Ron Paul version of Stansberry’s advertisements.

I would also like to direct you to a 2003 SEC complaint which described Porter Stansberry newsletters as “…nothing more than baseless speculation and outright lies, fabricated to induce investors to pay … for subscriptions or purported inside information.”

In fact, Stansberry has been predicting “the end” for over a decade now. Take this 2003 article in which Stansberry predicted “…the end of the dollar as the world’s only reserve currency.”

Despite such damning condemnations, Stansberry’s 2011 commercial described him as usually right in his predictions.


It seems that someone concerned about saving citizens from financial ruin shouldn’t gouge them for a book and newsletters with virtually the same information as peddled five years ago.

The marking and ideas presented by Stansberry Research via new spokesman Ron Paul are done with scare tactics and fear mongering, none of which have come to fruition since the earliest Stansberry television spots 5 years ago.