Review: Roto Clipper Nail File and Trimmer

Roto Clipper is a battery powered clipper and file for nails. Here is my review plus additional observations.

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About Roto Clipper

Roto Clipper in a battery-powered nail file and trimmer which uses beveled blades that spin at 700 rpm. It is advertised as a way to quickly and easily keep fingernails manicured.

The product is said to be appropriate for all ages, and works like an “electric emery file.” You use one side to trim nails and the other side to file them. There is a removable head for easy cleaning and the blades are safe to touch. It requires two AA batteries, which aren’t included.

The official product website is which was registered in April 2012.

How Much Does Roto Clipper Cost?

When purchased from the official website, Roto Clipper is $19.99 + $6.99 shipping. You are required to pay shipping for a second “free” unit, bringing your total to $26.98.

It would appear that Roto Clipper is due in stores at any time. I expect the price to be about $20. If you’ve seen it in stores, drop me a comment below.


I first noticed Roto Clipper via a television ad which ran on HLN back in April 2015. At the time the product appeared to be in the test marketing phase and I could find little information about it. In the ensuing months, the product has appeared with more frequency on television, and information is more readily available.

While the product does work generally as shown in the advertising, perhaps the most apparent observation is that it would take considerably longer to trim and file all of your nails using this device over standard fingernail clippers. Adding to the time is that the directions suggest that you soak your nails in water before using.

I found that holding a vibrating clipper in my hand for an extended time was a bit uncomfortable and made my hand itchy. I don’t know if that’s unique to me or if others have experienced this.

Despite those concerns, the end product is a rather smooth nail that felt completely acceptable to me. I would almost rather use Roto Clipper after trimming my nails with regular clippers in order to smooth out the edges. As a standalone solution, it just takes too long for my tastes.

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That said, if you have kids who are nervous about having their nails trimmed, or if you like to take your time to make your nails look perfect, this may be something worth considering, especially once it becomes available in stores (I don’t know why anyone would want two of these, which is the required offer as of this writing). The same could be said for fidgety kids who move around too much while their nails are being trimmed.

I found the trimming side of the unit to work better than the filing side. In fact, I didn’t really see much need for the filing side at all, although I suppose there could be those who may find it useful. I tried that side once, but didn’t use it again.

Perhaps one other minor caveat if you’re considering this product is that there is a high-pitched sound which to me seemed a bit louder than I would have expected. It becomes a bit grating with the amount of time it takes to trim all of your nails.

Other Reviews?

I’ve noticed a trend in recent months in which product reviews hit Amazon by people who were given free samples to review. While those reviewers are not under any obligation to provide positive reviews, there seems to be a certain psychology behind such free samples. In my opinion, people who receive free samples tend to be more forgiving than those who cracked open their wallets and plunked down hard-earned cash. Compare the dozens of reviews on Amazon which average around 4 stars – with a significant number of them coming from free samples – with those at Epic Reviews, which give the product only 2 stars among hundreds of ratings.


Roto Clipper is an As Seen on TV electric nail file and trimmer. While in my case I felt it took too long over standard nail clippers, this could have value in cases of children who hate having their nails trimmed, or used as an electric file. To me, “old fashioned” nail clippers takes seconds, while this product takes minutes – and is somewhat loud and vibrates. Reviews seem to be all over the place regarding this product. Have you tried it? What do you think?