Vdara Hotel City Corner Suite Review

Today I offer my review and observations of the Vdara City Corner Suite, after staying at the resort on November 30 and December 1, 2014.

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Vdara is a non-casino resort which resides in the CityCenter complex along the Las Vegas Strip. Sandwiched between the Bellagio and Aria, it boasts upscale rooms and a two-story salon.

I stayed in a Vdara City Corner Suite on the 28th floor. It is a large apartment-like suite with three of four walls offering panoramic views of the city. Below are my observations.


The suite is broken into several small areas, giving its 800+ square foot floor plan the feel of a plush condo. The floor plan includes a kitching/dining area, livingroom, bedroom, and bathroom. There is also a small washing machine and dryer in between the kitchen and livingroom.

All of the windows offer automatically-controlled blinds and blackout shades. There are also two thermostats: One in the living area, and one in the bedroom.


Unlike most hotels which offer token space in a mini-fridge, the Vdara City Corner Suite offers a kitchen and dining area. There is a 4-burner electric stove, microwave, and stainless steel fridge. A stocked mini-fridge is also in the kitchen. The sink also has a garbage disposal. This area of the suite also includes a dining table with four chairs, yet the table does not seem to crowd the kitchen space. A Keurig coffee maker resides on the counter, with one complementary pod included in the fridge.

Below are two photos from the kitchen, taken at opposite angles.

vdara suite kitchen vdara suite kitchen

One caveat: There are no pots, pans, or utensils stored in the room. A note is left on the counter telling you to call the front desk if you need any kitchen supplies. I had two pots, spoons, plates, a large knife, and silverware all delivered to my room. The only thing I asked for which wasn’t available was a strainer for noodles. It took about 30 minutes for my utensils to be delivered.

Living Area

The living area features a flat screen television, dresser, media hub, couch (which is a pull-out Queen), chair, two lamps, coffee table, and a corner view of the city. It connects to the kitchen and bedroom. I found the small living space to be comfortable, and the surrounding windows made it feel wide open.

vdara corner suite livingroom


The bedroom offers another corner view of the city, which can be enjoyed while laying in bed and watching the flat screen television. The room also includes two end tables, a chair, and a small desk. It connects to the bathroom and living room. There are two adjustable book lights attached to each end of the headboard.

The king-size mattress features a Sealy pillow-top, while the pillows provided offer a variety of softness options. The windows are low enough to allow you to still see the city lights while reclining in bed.

vdara corner suite bedroom vdara corner suite bedroom

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The large bathroom features a tub (with a view), two sinks, shower, toilet, vanity, and closet. Extra towels, robes, and slippers are provided.

vdara corner suite shower vdara corner suite vanity vdara corner suite bathroom vdara corner suite bathtub

A minor point of contention is that the toilet does not have its own door, so using the restroom requires the entire bathroom area be closed off by doors to the bedroom and kitchen.


There is considerably more storage in this suite than a typical hotel room, with space available in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. There is a full closet next to the vanity, along with end tables in the bedroom, a dresser in the living room, and ample cabinets in the kitchen.


The desk in the bedroom has a wired Ethernet cable for internet access. There is also wireless access provided as part of the $28 daily resort fee. I did not find the internet to be exceptionally fast.

In the dresser below the television in the living area is a media hub, which allows you to connect a variety of devices. Connections include HDMI, VGA, S-Video, RCA connections, line in, USB, and iPod/iPhone.

Video Tour

The video below features a comprehensive tour of the City Corner Suite.

It begins at the entrance, with the lighted room number and doorbell. Walking into the suite, you pass the kitchen, laundry closet, and enter the living area – featuring panoramic views of Las Vegas. Next is the bedroom, which can be closed off with a sliding door. Here you’ll find additional views and access to the bathroom. The video the shows the laundry before resuming the tour with the kitchen/dining area, and back into the living area and bedroom. A view while sitting on the bed is shown. The video ends with some action cam shots of the shades and blinds being opened and closed at night and during the day.


The City Corner Suite at Vdara is a winner across the board, offering breathtaking views and impeccable attention to detail. It feels more like an apartment than a hotel room, and – for what you get – the rate is surprisingly affordable. There are certainly more lavish suites available in Las Vegas, but for the price, this one is hard to beat, and vastly superior to a standard hotel room. What is perhaps most surprising to me is that this suite is only about 100 square feet larger than the Delano corner king suite I reviewed back in July (that one is 750 square feet), but it feels considerably larger.

If you are planning a trip to Vegas, I highly recommend putting the Vdara City Corner Suite on your short list of properties to consider.