Cutting Edge Grass Seed: Does it Work? (April 2015 Update)

Cutting Edge Grass Seed is advertised as a low-maintenance solution to most lawns. Below are my observations on the product.

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About Cutting Edge Grass Seed

Purchasing Cutting Edge is typically done through a distributor, either online or in person, although it has recently made its way into some stores. It is not sold in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, or Alabama. The official website is, which was registered in May 2011.


In 2014, an As Seen on TV commercial (and website) for the product advertised the domain, which is distributed by Turf & Landscape Solutions. That website was registered in December 2013, but forwards to the official Cutting Edge Grass website as of April 2015.

The product can be found in some stores, such as Home Depot.

How much does Cutting Edge Grass Seed cost?

You can buy Cutting Edge Grass Seed from a local, authorized dealer. Typically you can purchase it in bags of 5 lbs, 22 lbs, and 44 lbs, the latter supplying coverage for 11,000 square feet.

In 2014, the As Seen on TV website sold two 2-lb bags for $19.95 plus 7.95 shipping and another $7.95 for shipping of the “free” bag for a total of $35.85. They also offered a 10 pound bag for $99.95 and free shipping. Although this offer is no longer available, it is unclear if another As Seen on TV campaign will return in 2015.

In comparison to the 2014 As Seen on TV offer, you can get a 4-pound bag of Cutting Edge at Home Depot for about $35.


In the advertising for the product, we’re told that a one-pound bag of Cutting Edge is enough to cover “up to” 500 square feet. At 500 square feet per pound, one would think that a 44-pound bag should cover 22,000 square feet, but the packaging for that size states it only covers 11,000. The difference is that – when you look closely at the advertising – the 500 square feet coverage is for over-seeding.  Thus, the coverage when not over-seeding is about 250 square feet per pound.

The 2014 television commercial also stated that you could get “2X the Coverage” and the fine print noted “compared to Grassology.”

Cutting Edge Grass Seed Reviews

I did not try Cutting Edge Grass personally, because grass does not thrive well in the desert heat of Las Vegas. Their website states “Use of Cutting Edge Grass Seed in the southern US “Warm Season” zone should be carefully limited to professionally managed temporary winter greening of dormant C-4 grasses.”

Reviews around the internet are mixed. This is perhaps due to the fact that a single type of grass is not suited for every lawn in every area of the country. Thus, those for whom Cutting Edge Grass is well suited are likely to praise the product, while those in areas not well-adapted for the product are likely to express dissatisfaction.

In a forum about the product on HGTV’s website, the National Gardening Association pointed out that Cutting Edge Grass “is a mix of cool-season grasses, mainly Kentucky bluegrass.” They noted to another commenter in Florida that Cutting Edge would not be adapted to that part of the country.

On Amazon, as of this writing, the product has 2.5 stars, with over half being 1 star ratings. Conversely, it has a 4-star rating from customers at Home DepotThis forum has some user photos, with what appears to be an overall positive consensus.

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Television Commercial

Below is a television for Cutting Edge Grass Seed, which ran through most of 2014.

Transcript of the commercial above:

Is your lawn dried out and dead from drought? Are insects, dog urine, and crab grass a pain in your grass? Are hefty water bills and costly fertilizers breaking the bank? Finally, there’s a grass seed so revolutionary it’s called Cutting Edge Grass Seed.

Normal grass has a shallow root system, so it can’t reach ground water and dries out when left unwatered, but Cutting Edge Grass can grow roots up to 48 inches deep, reaching water well below the surface, so you can have a lush green lawn that grows to the perfect height without the hassle.  Stop constant watering, stop constant fertilizing, stop constant mowing. Low maintenance and drought resistant Cutting Edge Grass can go from brown and dry to green and lush. Enjoy a lush green carpet of healthy, beautiful lawn. So thick it’s like walking on a cloud. Professional landscapers choose Cutting Edge for parks, golf courses, schools. So low maintenance and so hearty there’s never been anything like it. Compare Cutting Edge to ordinary grass, use after use, we have the proof, plus we have up to double the coverage of our competition. 

“My water bill is cut in half. What’s not to like?”

“I was skeptical at first, but Cutting Edge Grass Seed really works. Our grass remained healthy and green, and that’s with kids, high wind, rain, heat, and snow.”

“My back yard was all dirt, so I figured let me do my own test. I planted Cutting Edge Grass Seed over here, and the other grass seed on the other side of the lawn. By far the Cutting Edge Grass Seed grew so much better, so much fuller, so much greener.”

Now you can get a one pound bag of Cutting Edge Grass Seed, enough to cover up to 500 square feet for just $19.95. But wait, call right now and we’ll send you a second bag free, just pay separate processing and handling. You get two bags of Cutting Edge Grass Seed, enough for up to 1000 square feet, twice the coverage of our competition, for just $19.95, so call or click now.

Alternatives to Cutting Edge Grass Seed

There are a couple of similarly-advertised products on the market. These include Eco-Lawn and Grassology. The television ad for Cutting Edge contains a footnote which lists Grassology as the “competition.” I also recently looked at a hydro-seeding system called Hydro Mousse.

Your local nursery will have even more options that are likely to be less expensive. This 10-pound bag of turf-type grass, for example, has positive reviews and also advertises drought resistance and low maintenance with less watering.

A Note on Overseeding

In a forum about Cutting Edge, a company rep pointed out that if you use Cutting Edge to overseed, the non-Cutting Edge grass will grow more quickly than Cutting Edge, meaning you will still need to tend to the lawn and keep the existing grass cut short. Otherwise you will have grasses of different lengths, which will not likely look desirable if not properly maintained.

Bottom Line

Cutting Edge may not be a miracle product, and despite the advertising claims, there is maintenance required for establishing any lawn. That said, those who have been able to successfully grow grass from Cutting Edge Grass seed have been generally pleased.

I’d recommend purchasing Cutting Edge Grass locally. And while you’re there, you may want to talk to a lawn-care expert who might be able to provide additional advice on what is best for your lawn, and suggestions for growing grass in your specific part of the country.

You may be interested in this comparison of Cutting Edge Grass Seed with Grassology and Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn.

Originally published June 2014
Revised April 2, 2015