Juggle Bubbles Review

Juggle Bubbles is a product advertised as special bubbles which do not pop. Read my Juggle Bubbles review plus additional product info and alternatives.

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About Juggle Bubbles

Juggle Bubbles is a product advertised as a special bubble solution which creates bubbles that do not pop easily. One of the product’s taglines is “Amazing bubbles you can catch, pass, & juggle!”

The official website is jugglebubbles.com, which was created in September 2013. It is marketed by Allstar Products Group, which is also behind such As Seen on TV products as Hot Designs, Chop Magic, and Side Socket.

You use the product by donning one of the special gloves, pouring the solution into one of the trays, dipping the blower into the tray, blowing a bubble, and handling it with the gloved hand.

Below is a screen shot of the Juggle Bubbles website, captured in June 2014.


How much do Juggle Bubbles cost?

Juggle Bubbles cost $10 plus $7.95 shipping. There is a second “free” set for another $4.95. You cannot opt out of this second “free” set, meaning the total price for your order will be $22.90.

One Juggle Bubble set includes:

  • 1 4-ounce bottles of Juggle Bubbles no-pop solution
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 blower
  • 1 tray
  • 1 fun guide

Juggle Bubbles is not yet available in stores.

Juggle Bubble Reviews

Does the Product Work readers give the product a 25% rating. Many readers state that the product does not work.

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Below is a televison commercial for Juggle Bubbles.

Alternatives to Juggle Bubbles

Creation of long-lasting bubbles is a popular science fair project and can be done easily at home. Take a look at this page, which spells out how to create longer-lasting bubbles. This mom also offers a rather simple recipe for a homemade version of Juggle Bubbles.

There are also the so-called ‘no pop’ bubbles, which you can find here for about $3.50.

The secret to long-lasting bubbles is the addition of glycerin to strengthen the bubble. You can find glycerin at a drug store such as Walgreens for about $6 to $10, or maybe even cheaper at Walmart.

Juggle Bubbles require the use of a glove for handling the bubble, which is is also suggested for long-lasting homemade bubbles. This is due to the oil on the skin, which disrupts the surface of the bubble, making it pop. You can use a glove, sock, or even an oven mitt to prevent popping the bubbles with your hands.

You could buy a cheap bottle of glycerin, dish soap, and dollar store gloves for less than the $22.90 it would cost to purchase Juggle Bubbles, and your experience would likely be quite similar to Juggle Bubbles.

Bottom Line

Juggle Bubbles are longer-lasting than “ordinary” bubbles. They do still pop, however, and a virtually identical product can be made at home for less.

Your Juggle Bubbles Reviews

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