Twinkle Paws Reviews: Do Cats Love It?

Twinkle Paws is a cat toy which is advertised as a way to provide hours of nighttime fun to cats of any ages. Read my review and observations.

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About Twinkle Paws

Advertised as a “nighttime cat mat,” Twinkle Paws is said to keep your cat occupied while you sleep. The mat includes random flashing lights designed to hold the cat’s interest. The toy is also infused with cat nip to further retain your cat’s attention.

The official website is which was registered in July 2014.

twinkle paws reviews

How much does Twinkle Paws cost?

This product costs $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total of $21.98. There is also a second Twinkle Paws included for another $6.99 shipping, bringing your grand total to $28.97.

It does not appear that you can opt out of this second “free” product.

Shipping will take an expected 4 to 6 weeks.

There is a 30-day “limited” warranty on the regular product and a 90-day limited warranty on the deluxe model. Shipping is not refundable, so should you decide not to keep the product, you will not receive the $13.98 in shipping costs back.

Is Twinkle Paws available in stores? Not as of this writing.

Twinkle Paws Reviews

It has been my experience that As Seen on TV cat toys have been hit or miss. Cat’s Meow, which was heavily advertised in 2013, was generally regarded as a dud, while Purrfect Arch was moderately useful.

I placed my order for Twinkle Paws and will update this page after I have received and evaluated the product. When I do receive it, I will be examining the product with the following concerns in mind:

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  • Construction. The downfall of Cat’s Meow was that it was cheaply made and many users reported that it was rendered inoperable by cats within minutes. Twinkle Paws is advertised as durable, and this could be the product’s make-or-break feature. If it is durable enough to withstand extensive cat play, it could be a great product.
  • Long term value. How well Twinkle Paws holds a cat’s attention will likely vary from cat to cat. I will try it with several different cats to see how it holds their interest in the long run.
  • Unknown variables. Are there unforeseen features which could increase the product’s benefit or contribute to its downfall?
  • Test Marketing. Based on the age of the website and the fact that this product is virtually unknown, it is my assumption that Twinkle Paws is currently being test marketed. Test marketing typically works by advertising a product with a limited budget and a small production run. After the testing phase is completed, it will then be determined if the product will receive further advertising, if it needs re-branding, of if the product is discontinued. Pet products are quite popular, so I believe this has an excellent chance of making out of the testing phase, provided it isn’t rife with initial complaints.
  • Nighttime Play. The product’s primary selling point is that it will keep cats occupied at night. I will be looking to see if the reality of this claim lives up to the advertising hype.

Alternatives to Twinkle Paws

While there are a host of cat toys available on the market, the closest I can find to Twinkle Paws would be the Petstages Flashing Firefly Play Mat, which has been available for several years. That product is available in stores and runs about $15 to $20.

Bottom Line

Twinkle Paws is a nighttime cat toy which I have ordered and will put to the test as soon as it arrives. I will be evaluating it for durability, long term value, and other marketing claims.

If you have tried Twinkle Paws, tell me your experience in the comments below.