Micro Touch Max Review: Updated April 2015

My review of the Micro Touch Max, an As Seen on TV all-in-one personal hair trimmer.

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About Micro Touch Max

Micro Touch Max is a personal hair trimmer, advertised as an all-in-one solution for removing hair on the body and face. The unit takes a single AAA battery and comes with two comb attachments, a built-in light, and a cleaning brush.

The official website is microtouchmax.com, which was registered back in May 2010. The product is marketed by Idea Village, which has promoted several “Micro Touch” products, such as Micro Touch One razor and Micro Touch Switchblade. More recently they have advertised products such as Tough Blade featuring Brett Favre. Idea Village is also responsible for a variety of As Seen on TV products including Snackeez and the Stufz burger press.

In 2014, the website microtouchgrooming.com was used in some advertising. That domain was registered in August 2014, and features the product’s new spokesman, ex-NFL quarterback Brett Favre. As of 2015, that domain now forward to the Tough Blade product website.

How much does Micro Touch Max cost?

If you purchase from the official website, Micro Touch Max costs $14.99 plus $6.99. A 10-piece grooming kit is included – for another $6.99 shipping.

You can find Micro Touch Max in stores for about $10-$13 (without the grooming kit). I picked one up at an As Seen on TV store in Las Vegas for $12.99.

I recently spotted Micro Touch Max marked down for about $7, so it may pay to shop around.


Television Commercial

Below is the 2012 television commercial for Micro Touch Max.

I can’t say for sure what the man in the commercial is doing at the 5-second mark, but it looks like he is attempting to shave his ears with a disposable razor. The man’s exaggerated exasperation is the norm with these As Seen on TV commercials.

2014: Brett Favre

In 2014, Micro Touch Max re-appeared on the airwaves with football legend Brett Favre featured in the television commercial. Favre also now appears on the product’s website.

In the new commercial featuring Favre, Micro Touch Max is advertised as a product which can be purchased in stores, and the online ordering option is not mentioned. It is, however, still sold on the product website, despite that omission in the advertising.

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Micro Touch Max Review

I’ve tried out Micro Touch Max in a variety of capacities. Below are my observations.

  • The light. Micro Touch Max has a light, which I found helpful when trimming nose hair, distracting when cleaning up a beard line, and irrelevant when trimming the back of my neck. I felt as though the motor ran a little stronger when the light was off, but that could have also been affected by the specific battery I was using.
  • Eyebrows. I used one of the comb attachments for eyebrows, but I didn’t feel this was one of the stronger features. I tried trimming with the grain, and also at a straight-up angle. In neither case did I get all of the longer stray eyebrow hairs. I would say it worked moderately well for eyebrows.
  • Nose hair. Unfortunately, this is an area that guys must deal with as they get older. I would also give this feature a lukewarm rating. I did feel that a large percentage of hairs were removed, but the technique feels awkward and the trimmer’s sharpness was not comfortable against the inside of my nose. I would still prefer a small pair of scissors for this task.
  • Stray body hair. I used the Micro Touch Max without any attachments to remove some long, stray body hairs on my shoulders and chest. Although the trimmer is not comfortable against bare skin, I felt that it did a pretty good job at removing hair.
  • Beard/Goatee line. Cleaning up a beard line with the Micro Touch Max is virtually identical to doing so with a beard trimmer on an electric razor. For those who prefer to shave with disposable razors, the Micro Touch Max may be a suitable addition to keeping facial hairlines neat.
  • Ears. Perhaps it’s just me, but removing hair just inside the ear has always been problematic. And for this, I felt the Micro Touch Max shined. Its small size and angled tip worked perfectly for getting those pesky hairs sticking out of my ears.
  • Neck. This is another area that seems suited to Micro Touch Max. The angle and shape facilitate easy removal of hair in this area.
  • Chest Hair. Although the website shows chest hair removal as an option, I did not find this product to be a suitable solution for this use. The small size of the tip, plus the “scratchy” feeling it has against bare skin did not feel superior to using a cartridge razor for shaving the chest. I did find it to be good, however, for touching up hair around the nipples that was not easy to remove with standard shaving.
  • Grip. The rubber grip and shape of the unit is comfortable and easy to handle.

Bottom Line

Micro Touch Max is a good supplemental hair trimming accessory, but I wouldn’t say that it replaces all standard shaving or trimming tools. Ten months after initially writing this review, I still reach for Micro Touch Max for certain tasks, such as ears, beard line, and stray body hair.

Your Micro Touch Max Reviews

Have you used Micro Touch Max? Let me hear from you in the comments below.

Updated April 18, 2015
Originally published June 2014