Spicy Shelf Review: I’ve Used It (Jan 2015 Update)

Spicy Shelf is an adjustable and stackable cabinet organizer which has been seen in television advertising since mid 2014. Here are my observations and photos after installing and using the product for 6 months.

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Spicy Shelf Info

Spicy Shelf is a stackable, adjustable organizer. It is distributed by Allstar Products Group, which is located in Hawthorne, New York.

The official website is spicyshelf.com, which was registered in March 2012. Despite the domain registration date of 2012, it only appears that the product has been advertising significantly since 2014.


Interestingly, neither the packaging nor the instructions list the full specs of the product, other than saying the width should not exceed 16 3/8″ each. Below are the specs as I measured them.

After installing the two shelves, I noted the measurements. With the long legs installed, the shelf stands about 6.25 inches high, and with the short legs it measures about 4.5 inches high. The width of each shelf is about 2 inches. The smallest area that Spicy Shelf adjusts to is about 7.5 inches wide.

How much does Spicy Shelf cost?

Purchasing Spicy Shelf from the website is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. There is an offer to purchase another set for an additional $6.95 shipping, bringing your total to $34.85.

Is Spicy Shelf available in stores? Yes. You can find it in the As Seen on TV section of department stores for about $20. I obtained mine from an As Seen on TV store here in Las Vegas for $24.

Spicy Shelf: What’s in the Box

The box includes two shelves, two sizes of legs, leg supports, shelf extenders, and instruction sheet.

Spicy Shelf - what's in the box

My Spicy Shelf Review

Spicy Shelf comes with two shelves in the box. Although the product is advertised as a product which can be stacked or used side-by-side, I actually used the two shelves in two completely different locations. My first test was in a small spice cabinet, and the other was in a small corner cabinet used for vitamins. Below are my observations and photos throughout the process.


“Assembly required” is enough to send some people screaming into the night, and Spicy Shelf does require some minor assembly. Fortunately, it’s quite simple and no tools are necessary. You simply add or subtract shelf extenders to achieve the proper width. Then it’s a matter of snapping in the legs and the supports. It took me a moment to figure out how to remove the leg extenders, but otherwise it was quite simple.

In the photo below, you can see the coded extenders (labeled as “B” and “C”). These can be added or removed to achieve the desired width of the product.

Spicy Shelf leg extenders

If you’re having a problem removing the extenders, this can be achieved by tilting the extender down, and then sliding it up and out.

Because two different sets of legs – and a full set of extenders – are included in the packaging, I had quite a few parts left over.

Test 1: Spice Rack

For my first test of Spicy Shelf, I sought to install it into a small cabinet where spices were currently stored. Below are before-and-after photos. The problem in this cabinet is that the larger items often migrated to the front of the cabinet, obscuring the smaller spices in the back.


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I placed one Spicy Shelf in the cabinet, allowing me to lift the smaller spices in the back, which can be seen easier, even with the larger items still in the front. I found this to be useful, and far easier to find spices than in the previous configuration.

Spicy Shelf - After Photo, test 1

Test 2: Corner Vitamin Cabinet

Because I decided not to stack or place Spicy Shelf side-by-side, I had an extra shelf to use. I decided to try it in a small corner cabinet where vitamins and medications were stored. As with the spice cabinet, many of the bottles in the back were difficult to reach.

Spicy Shelf - Before photo, test 2

Spicy Shelf did help the organization of this area, although there is still some effort required to reach the vitamins in the back. That complaint aside, it is still easier to find everything, even though this cabinet space probably isn’t ideal for Spicy Shelf.

Spicy Shelf - After photo, test 2

Spicy Shelf Video

Below is a short video I created showing some of the pros and cons of Spicy Shelf, along with a fun “action cam” scene at the end.

Does it work?

The burning question I had throughout these two tests is, “Does the product work?” It is my opinion that Spicy Shelf does provide functionality similar to what is advertised.

If I am to be critical of the product, I would say that it is certainly not made of high-grade materials (it is constructed entirely of plastic). Another feature to note is that the space below the shelf is less than two inches wide, due to the leg and connecting support. As you can see in my “after” photos above, this space is not always utilized, as only bottles under about 5.5 inches can fit underneath the shelf.

One other minor point of contention is that if you place larger objects in the front (as seen in the photos above), the back shelf can become obscured, requiring you to remove those larger objects to get to the back.

Bottom Line

My first shelf took me about 10 minutes to assemble, which is probably because I was taking my time. The second shelf took me about 2 minutes to assemble. I found Spicy Shelf to be easy to install and provided the advertised benefits. As of this January 2015 revision, I have had Spicy Shelf in my cabinet for about 6 months.

If you would rather not endure shipping costs and delays, you may want to simply purchase it at a local store.

Your Reviews

Have you used Spicy Shelf? What do you think of it?

Updated January 11, 2015
Originally published August 2014